Monday, October 25, 2010

Social Capital Poem by Stevie Burkes

The businessman,
And the banker,
The fisherman,
And the shoemaker.

The little princess,
And the firedog,
The mom and pop
And the coast guard.

The mailman,
And the teacher,
The waitress,
And the preacher.

The farmer,
And the newborn
The mechanic,
And the Capricorn.

Today is a day of celebration,
For the good ‘ol town of Calabash.
The tasty blue crab festival,
Begins with a splash.

With the crabs on the stove,
The band a-jamming.
The volleyball court set,
The party's a-swinging.

Each year,
Around this time,
Our town unites
For dinnertime.

It brings together
All the town’s folk,
In a place of gathering
Don’t forget the Coke!


  1. The poem is great! I envy your little town and the big festival! I wish you had commented or added some analysis or description of your town on the blog. The cell phone experiment was good and I applaud you for not using your phone much to begin with. It would have been a better experiment for one of you to give something up that you use a lot. To undertake a radical change in life instead of giving up something that you don't use that much anyway. Overall, you guys did a nice job. Thanks.

  2. Great poem, I want to do a poetry response on it :). Anyway, I can really get a feel for the community in your little town for this crab festival.

  3. This makes me want to live in a small time so badly! It's really neat that you've had the experience of growing up in a community where everyone is so tight knit. It would be interesting to see how many "friends" small towns like these have in comparison to larger cities. I'm sure you'll always have the people of your town to count on! -Melanie

  4. I love how you mention all the different people in town because this relates to all towns. It shows that a simple event such as the crab festival can have such a great impact on social capital